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Linda Sansone Bomboniere: A history of refined “craftsmanship”

The adventure started 35 years ago and since then Linda Sansone Bomboniere re-interpreted the classic concept of handmade wedding favor, outside the box and away from the stereotypes.
In the age of mass production,  Linda Sansone, the foundress of the brand, used her talent, passion and fantasy in her own way, making them the distinctive features of her work.
Her iconic creations revisit with taste and colour the classic Made in Italy concept.
In a world with no boundaries, the Linda Sansone Bomboniere unmistakable creative verve spreads and expresses itself with an original and unrivalled mix of style, creativity with a touch of extravagance.
The distinguishing feature of the brand is the constant search for balance between the craftsmanship mastery and the excellence of the products.
This is how Linda Sansone Bomboniere succeeds in transforming every idea in an original and refined must have with a unique style and elegance.
Tulle, Valencian lace, a bottle of wine, an object, a stunning and inviting detail on a restaurant table or a touch of class at home on any occasion to remember.
Linda Sansone Bomboniere crosses the traditional limits of the handmade wedding favor concept, creating a new object for every occasion, adaptable to every house and style.
The brand philosophy inspires not only creations dedicated to a sophisticated table, but also to the single and unique moments of your life: wedding, birthday, degree, all your memorable days will be under the name of creativity, eclecticism, taste, mastery and a touch of irreverence.

I've changed the holo word because it's definitely wrong, maybe they meant homogenisation, so changed it to mass production

Also if you let me know what it's for then I can tell you what you need to change- if her target market is a certain type of person then this probably will work but if she wants a wider spread clientele then it needs tweaks.

We are artists, we are creatives, we are craftsmen.
Each creation is unique, the result of a creative spark, made to meet the needs of our clients. Every imperfection, every flaw  just makes a creation all the more beautiful.
That is why we do not have a product catalogue, not in the conventional sense of the word.
Our creations are told by the pictures of the section "Our Collections"

All the pictures have a name and an article code.
You can send us your orders to the e-mail address postmaster@lindasansone.it, indicating the name and the related code of the creation.
Linda Sansone Bomboniere is happy to meet all your requests!